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House in Lufkin -- Briarwood Home! 1307 Roger, Lufkin, TX
2BR 1.0BA
3BR 2.0BA
Apartment in Tyler -- Great one bedroom w/... 4901 Kinsey Drive, Tyler, TX
1BR 1.0BA
1 1.0 $729 Quail Creek Available
2 2.0 $795 Quail Creek Available
3 2.0 $1,225 Summerwood Luxury Available
2 2.0 $965 Summerwood Luxury Available
1 1.0 $835 Summerwood Luxury Available
1 1.0 $634 Quail Creek Available
3 1.0 $850 American Leasing & Available
Apartment in Lufkin -- 104 Parkview Circle Apt D 104 Parkview Circle Apt D, Lufkin, TX
2 1.5 $575 Winston Land and Available
House in Lufkin -- Briarwood Home! 1307 Roger, Lufkin, TX
2 1.0 $700 American Leasing & Available
House in Lufkin -- Country Living! 1518 Post Oak Rd, Lufkin, TX
3 1.0 $975 American Leasing & Available
2 2.0 $675 Winston Land and Available
Apartment in Lufkin -- 105 Parkview Circle Apt D 105 Parkview Circle Apt D, Lufkin, TX
2 1.5 $575 Winston Land and Available
House in Lufkin -- 2 bedroom 1 bath! 1917 Hill Street, Lufkin, TX
2 1.0 $700 American Leasing & Available
6226537646858150Briarwood Home!Charming 2 bedroom 1 bath home in Briarwood near Chambers Park. Spacious living room with breakfast nook off living. Attached carport with additional storage. Large back yard. Centrally located near all amenities of the City including but not limited to: restaurants, shopping, entertainment and Angelina College. Call 936-632-1299 to set up a time to view this home!2991591307 RogerLufkinTX7590412015-07-04 07:53:052015-06-14 17:53:05house21.0875700002015-07-03available000131.321127-94.735863manualrentalhomepros11-1339852274495526081partner2015-07-07 00:00:000/tx/lufkin/5526081-briarwood-home/images/24/36/24366371_640x480.jpg/images/24/36/24366372_640x480.jpg/images/24/36/24366373_640x480.jpg/images/24/36/24366374_640x480.jpg/images/24/36/24366375_640x480.jpg/images/24/36/24366371_640x480.jpglands61564096466016103 bd/2 bath Experience the newest and finest pet friendly apartments in Tyler, TX at Summerwood Apartments.Experience the newest and finest pet friendly apartments in Tyler, TX at Summerwood Apartments. Paths that are impeccably maintained, 24-hour fitness center, car care center, salt-water resort-style pool with fountains, valet curbside garbage collection, and extensive concierge services are just a few of our distinguished amenities. Come meet our staff and discover living in the heart of Tyler at Summerwood Apartments. We also guarantee a 48-hour response to all service requests* To learn more please email Leasing Agent with Summerwood Luxury Apartments or call at (903) 229-4931.2587014350 Old Omen Rd3TylerTX7570712015-05-10 04:30:412015-06-29 11:26:52apartment32.013041225002015-07-04available00010.0000000.000000manualrentmarketer-18751325223326partner2015-07-07 00:00:000/tx/tyler/5223326-3-bd-2-bath-experience-the-newest-and-finest-pet-friendly-apartments-in-tyler-tx-at-summerwood-apartments/images/23/73/23737929_640x480.jpg/images/23/73/23737930_640x480.jpg/images/23/73/23737931_640x480.jpg/images/23/73/23737932_640x480.jpg/images/23/73/23737933_640x480.jpg/images/23/73/23737929_640x480.jpglands62017846466016101 bd/1 bath September Move In Special on selected floor plans: 2/2 Village receive $30 in laundry concessions for the first 12 months or 2/2 Statesman receive $250 off first months rent.Quail Creek To learn more please email Leasing Specialist with Quail Creek or call at (903) 225-6965.28084$40.00150004901 Kinsey Drive1TylerTX7570312015-06-15 04:03:192015-06-24 21:03:15apartment11.0555634002015-07-04available000132.296815-95.315455manualrentmarketer-1239652516716partner2015-07-07 00:00:000/tx/tyler/516716-1-bd-1-bath-september-move-in-special-on-selected-floor-plans-2-2-village-receive-30-in-laundry-concessions-for-the-first-12-months-or-2-2-statesman-receive-250-off-first-months-rent/images/19/25/19255925_640x480.jpg/images/19/25/19255926_640x480.jpg/images/19/25/19255927_640x480.jpg/images/19/25/19255928_640x480.jpg/images/19/25/19255929_640x480.jpg/images/19/25/19255925_640x480.jpglands6201785646601610Great one bedroom w/ connections and five closets!There are apartments, and then there are places where you immediately feel at home, such as Quail Creek Apartments. The community is so warm and friendly it draws you in. It seems every detail was designed with you in mind. Comfort and convenience are not afterthoughts but essential elements. Take a walk through Quail Creek Apartments today ... the difference is obvious.Our amenity list includes: Laundry Facilities, Fitness Center, Pool, Business Center, Sundeck, A/C, Balcony, Kitchen w/ Microwave & Dishwasher, Ceiling Fans, Wood Fireplace, Large Closets, Patio, Washer Dryer Hookups, and Pet Friendly.READY TO MOVE IN TO ASAP!!! Hurry in today and grab this apartment while it is still available. To learn more please email Leasing Specialist with Quail Creek or call at (903) 225-6965.28084$40.00200004901 Kinsey Drive2TylerTX7570312015-06-15 04:03:192015-07-02 07:03:15apartment11.0690729002015-07-04available000132.296815-95.315455manualrentmarketer-1239672516717partner2015-07-07 00:00:000/tx/tyler/516717-great-one-bedroom-w-connections-and-five-closets/images/40/13/4013404_640x480.jpg/images/40/13/4013405_640x480.jpg/images/40/13/4013406_640x480.jpg/images/40/13/4013407_640x480.jpg/images/40/13/4013408_640x480.jpg/images/40/13/4013404_640x480.jpglands

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